2019 7x7 IceBreaker Shootout - Boys Free Agents  Lacrosse · Male U10, U12, U14, HS

Fall 2019
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2019-02-02 00:00:00.0
Registration Dates:
2019-01-03 – 2019-02-28 regular
Petaluma Community Sports Fields
MonTueWedThuFriSatSun 8:00am to 8:00pm
Free Agent Fees
Regular 95.0 + 6.0 Processing Fee

The 3rd annual Boys 7×7 IceBreaker Shootout is coming this Winter!  Get ready for upcoming tryouts, sharpen your skills, get fit, and showcase your talents at this awesome 1 day event! 7×7 players will enjoy the following:

  • Truncated fields that create fast paced up and down action
  • High scoring games
  • Round robin format
  • Vendor Village and festival vibe


  • Players who are interested in participating in the tournament who are not affiliated with any registered team, can register as a FREE AGENT
  • Once registered, you will be placed on a waitlist to join a team needing extra players
  • Free Agents are placed the week of the tournament – by Thursday Jan 31  (often coaches realize that they don't have enough players the week of the tournament!)
  • Free Agents not placed on a team will be reimbursed their fee
  • Please refer to FAQ page for Credit/Refund policy


Season from 1-Sep-18 thru 31-Aug-19 Age Group NCJLA Bracket Grade Affiliation Grad Year (GY) Bracket Grad Year
Birthdate from 1-Sep-11 thru 31-Aug-12 U7 U8 1st GY29+ 2030
Birthdate from 1-Sep-10 thru 31-Aug-11 U8 U8 2nd GY29+ 2029
Birthdate from 1-Sep-09 thru 31-Aug-10 U9 U10 3rd GY27+ 2028
Birthdate from 1-Sep-08 thru 31-Aug-09 U10 U10 4th GY27+ 2027
Birthdate from 1-Sep-07 thru 31-Aug-08 U11 U12 5th GY25+ 2026
Birthdate from 1-Sep-06 thru 31-Aug-07 U12 U12 6th GY25+ 2025
Birthdate from 1-Sep-05 thru 31-Aug-06 U13 U14 7th GY23+ 2024
Birthdate from 1-Sep-04 thru 31-Aug-05 U14 U14 8th GY23+ 2023
Birthdate from 1-Sep-03 thru 31-Aug-04 U15 JV 9th GY21+ 2022
Birthdate from 1-Sep-02 thru 31-Aug-03 U16 JV 10th GY21+ 2021
Birthdate from 1-Sep-01 thru 31-Aug-02 U17 JV/Var 11th GY19+ 2020
Birthdate from 1-Sep-00 thru 31-Aug-01 U18 Var 12th GY19+ 2019
Birthdate from 1-Sep-99 thru 31-Aug-00 U19 Var 12th/PG GY19+ 2019

Grade Eligibility– is determined by the player’s grade of the current (2018/2019 school year. All West allows GRADE to be the final determination – for example if you are in 5th or 6th Grade and do not qualify for the U12 age division per NCJLA/US Lacrosse regulations (due to birthdate cut offs) you can still play the U12 division.  This rule is applicable in all divisions

  • Players are permitted to play UP one age division. Players are NOT permitted to play down an age division for any reason
  • 2018 High School graduates are NOT eligible to play in the HS Varsity or HS Elite divisions. Players who have played in college during the 2018 season are ineligible also
  • ** Violating eligibility rules is subject to disciplinary action. See rules for details
  • All West Lacrosse recommends that all HS team contacts and coaches review CIF, CCS and NCS regulations pertaining to in-season and out-of-season competition.


Tournament Notes:

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